Leading Experts on September 11 and US Diplomacy at 2011 Aspen Ideas Festival

September 1, 2011

Contact: Jennifer Myers
Director of Public Affairs, The Aspen Institute
202-736-2906 / jennifer.myers@aspeninstitute.org

Video available from talks with James Steinberg, John D. Negroponte,
Tzipi Livni, Nigel Sheinwald, and others

What: Embeddable video on “Ten Years After: Our Post-9/11 World” from leaders and experts at the 2011 Aspen Ideas Festival. If you would like video in a different format please fill out our asset request form at http://aifestival.org/content/request-session.

Who: James Steinberg, John D. Negroponte, Tzipi Livni, Marwan Muasher, Jane Harman, Nigel Sheinwald, Leon Wieseltier, Thomas L. Friedman, Shashi Tharoor, Robin Wright, Thom Shanker, Philip Zelikow, Michael Chertoff, Mike McConnell, Jeffrey Goldberg, James Dobbins, L. Paul Bremer, III, Michael Arad, Joseph Daniels, Peter Walker, David Rohde, Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Christopher Hill, Andrea Mitchell, Mickey Edwards, Elliot Gerson

Complete List of Videos: http://www.aifestival.org/blog/world-after-911


“There is a dangerous tendency in American politics to want to come home and do the nation building from home.” —L. Paul Bremmer, III, Fmr. Presidential Envoy to Iraq

“Time is not on the side of peace.” –Marwan Muasher, Fmr. Deputy Prime Minister of Jordan

“In India the state has an army; in Pakistan the army has a state.” —Shashi Tharoor, Member Indian Parliament; Fmr. UN Undersecretary General

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