Ricardo Salinas Scholarship Enables Latinos to Share Valuable Knowledge in Aspen Institute Programs

August 21, 2017

Over 700 beneficiaries have participated, with world-renowned thought leaders, to build ideas for the progress of Latinos

Contact: Maria Samaniego
Program Manager
Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program
202-736-2299 | maria.samaniego@aspeninstitute.org

Washington, DC, August 21, 2017 – Ricardo Salinas’ support to the Aspen Institute has facilitated the participation of over 700 beneficiaries, directly with scholarships and through the Latinos and Society Program within the past three years, to share their valuable knowledge in Aspen Institute initiatives.

The Aspen Institute gathers leaders from around the globe and across disciplines to engage in deep and insightful discussion on the ideas and issues that both shape our lives and address the challenges of our times. The participants are able to engage with world-renowned thought leaders, content, and cross-sector networks of influencers and decision makers.

Beneficiaries participate in various Aspen Institute programs and receive special opportunities to meet other scholars and speakers. In addition, the Latinos and Society Program hosts meet and greets for Ricardo Salinas Scholars and others that they nominate.

“Conversations and interactions with thought leaders and fellow festival attendees have opened doors to new collaborations that will help me to advance my public health work,” said Dharma Cortes, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Health Equity Research Laboratory, Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Health Alliance, and a Ricardo Salinas Scholar.

The Ricardo Salinas Scholarship aims to increase the participation of Latinos in the Aspen Institute’s public events, policy roundtables, leadership seminars and other convenings. Three rounds of scholars are selected each year. In order to apply, eligible candidates should select a program of interest, reach out to the appropriate point of contact, and mention their potential eligibility for being considered for the Ricardo Salinas Scholarship which is managed by the Latinos and Society Program. If the candidate is a good fit, then the program will apply for the scholarship on the candidate’s behalf.

The third and final round of 2017 selections will close on September 8, 2017 for programs taking place through March 31, 2018. For more details on scholarship eligibility and nomination process, please visit https://www.aspeninstitute.org/programs/latinos-and-society-program/ricardo-salinas-foundation-scholarship/

“In just three years, Ricardo Salinas has made the engagement of over 700 Latinos in Aspen Institute Programs possible through his support. This has fundamentally changed the composition of voices heard at a myriad of important dialogues and fora, such as the Ideas Festival, CityLab, Socrates Seminars, the Aspen Security Forum and more. The influence of the Ricardo Salinas Scholarship is unparalleled in facilitating the inclusion of more Latinos and is a model for how the deployment of focused resources can help level the playing field over time,” said Abigail Golden-Vazquez, Vice President and Executive Director, Latinos and Society Program.

The Aspen Institute founded the Latinos and Society Program in 2015with the initial sponsorship of Ricardo Salinas, to provide a place for Latinos and non-Latinos to learn about their shared future and jointly explore solutions to the challenges of our times. Its vision is to foster a more informed citizenry and promote the engagement of all people in securing a prosperous and inclusive future for America. This policy program convenes diverse audiences and subject matter experts to advance three important policy areas, civic participations, economic advancement and educational opportunity. The program is also connecting a pipeline of Latino leaders to Institute programs, fostering collaboration, and strengthening their networks. To learn more, follow @AspenLatinos, or visit AspenInstitute.org/policy-work/latinos-society

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