Family Finances

America’s Next Golden Age: Building the middle class of the future

June 13, 2019  • Financial Security Program

On June 25, 2019, Aspen FSP joins Aspen Ideas Festival for a session on the future of financial security.

While incomes are rising, there are questions about gains in short-term economic stability and long-term wealth creation for the majority of America’s working households.   Related, there have been great debates about the connection between the demise of the middle class and how this could threaten our overall economy and democracy.   How can we create a new golden age of middle-class America?  What are the supports and benefits that can lead to short-term financial stability and long-term economic security? Who are the institutions and leaders we need?  This session will explore these systemic and consequential questions that are central to America’s future.

Ida Rademacher, Executive Director/VP, Aspen Institute Financial Security Program (Moderator)

Courtney Eccles, Director of Secure Choice, Illinois State Treasurer’s Office

Joanna Smith-Ramani, Managing Director, Aspen Institute Financial Security Program

Phil Waldeck, President, Prudential Retirement


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