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Economic Opportunities Program Congratulates Liz Shuler and AFL-CIO on Her Election as President

August 23, 2021  • Economic Opportunities Program

Photo of Liz Shuler next to the AFL-CIO logoThe Economic Opportunities Program team extends our heartiest congratulations to Liz Shuler and our AFL-CIO colleagues on her recent election as president. Liz has the commitment and capacity to carry on and expand the visionary agenda of Richard Trumka following his untimely death. She already served a dozen years as the Federation’s secretary-treasurer and CFO and is the first woman to be elected to the Federation’s second and top posts. President Shuler started her career as an IBEW organizer, championed policies to protect and advance worker interests, and has played a leading role in promoting progress on worker rights including the right to organize, job quality, equity/inclusion, future of work issues, retirement security, clean energy jobs, and empowering women and young workers. For more information, note the announcement of election for the new leadership team from the AFL-CIO.

At EOP we have had the privilege of having Liz as an advisor and friend and have seen her commitment to job quality, racial and gender equity, and economic justice. She brings integrity, intelligence, the courage of convictions, and a clear-eyed vision for the future to her important work of building better futures for working people, their families, and communities. We have the highest confidence in her leadership and look forward to continued partnership as she works to advance progress for workers, the economy, and society.

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