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Liz Shuler Elected to Lead AFL-CIO: A Standout Leader for a Landmark Moment

June 13, 2022  • Economic Opportunities Program

Photo of AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler and Secretary-Treasurer Fred Redmond with fireworks in the background

Photo credit: AFL-CIO

The Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program (EOP) congratulates the AFL-CIO and President Liz Shuler on President Shuler’s election on Sunday, June 12, at the AFL-CIO convention in Philadelphia. It is a historic moment for the union membership to, for the first time, elect a woman to lead the nation’s largest labor organization. Shuler first assumed the role of president upon appointment by the Executive Committee following the passing of Richard Trumka in 2021. In addition, we congratulate Fred Redmond on his election to the post of secretary-treasurer, the first African American to hold this post. At a time when the nation is struggling with widening economic divides, essential workers who are paid too little to afford life’s essentials, and a labor market in which women, workers of color, and rural working people are consistently overrepresented in low-quality jobs, it is inspiring to see the nation’s largest worker organization lifting up a new generation of leadership dedicated to working toward a more equitable economic future for America’s working people.

“President Shuler brings a deep commitment to working people to this role, a commitment demonstrated through decades of service and leadership in the union movement and through a consistent emphasis on equity for an increasingly diverse workforce,” noted Aspen Institute Vice President and EOP Executive Director Maureen Conway. “Liz Shuler has been a key advisor at EOP. Her ideas and guidance informed our focus on job quality and equity and our understanding of the systemic issues that need to be addressed to work toward better jobs and more inclusive workplaces. We look forward to continued partnership with President Shuler and her colleagues as we all work toward building a better future of work.”

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EOP is excited about the prospects for the AFL-CIO and the union movement with Shuler at the helm and working in partnership with Secretary-Treasurer Redmond. Bravo to these ground-breaking union leaders and to the AFL-CIO membership on a successful election.


Congrats to @AFLCIO President @LizShuler and Secretary-Treasurer @STRedmond! It’s inspiring to see the nation’s largest worker organization lift up a new generation of leadership dedicated to building a more equitable economic future.

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