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How Tech is Changing Work

June 2, 2022  • Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building & Future of Work Initiative

On June 2, 2022, Future of Work Initiative Director Shelly Steward spoke at the Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building in Washington DC. What new technologies and trends are currently moving the needle on how and where we work? How can we continue to use workplace technologies to benefit employees’ overall wellbeing? This session, “How Tech is Changing Work,” explored how rising technologies and ideas — such as remote/teleworking, the four-day work week, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence — will transform the future of our workplaces. Steward spoke alongside Ben Armstrong (MIT), Allison Horn (Accenture), and Aman Kidwai (Fortune). Learn more about this event.


Video: “How Tech is Changing Work.” Featuring @shellysteward @AspenFutureWork, Ben Armstrong @MIT, @allisonhorn @Accenture, and Aman Kidwai @FortuneMagazine. Hosted by @SmithsonianAIB.

How can workplace technologies benefit employees’ wellbeing? Hear @shellysteward @AspenFutureWork, Ben Armstrong @MIT, @allisonhorn @Accenture, and Aman Kidwai @FortuneMagazine in conversation at @SmithsonianAIB.

What technologies and trends are moving the needle on how we work? @shellysteward @AspenFutureWork, Ben Armstrong @MIT, @allisonhorn @Accenture, and Aman Kidwai @FortuneMagazine share insights at @SmithsonianAIB.

In this video, hear @AspenFutureWork Director @shellysteward talk technology, work, and #jobquality at @SmithsonianAIB. With Ben Armstrong @MIT, @allisonhorn @Accenture, and Aman Kidwai @FortuneMagazine.

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