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New updates to the UpSkilling Playbook

May 4, 2018  • UpSkill America & Jaime S. Fall

It’s been less than a year since we unveiled our UpSkilling Playbook for Employers, and since then, the movement has taken some major steps forward. A few months ago, we released our first set of updates to the Playbook showcasing new examples of upskilling programs and another reason for businesses to care about investing in their workers (shareholders want it).

Now we’re excited to share some fresh additions to the Playbook, including newly developed initiatives by a growing list of forward-looking companies. Visit our chapter on Models of Upskilling to see these examples in context, and learn more about each new program below.

We’re thrilled to see how far (and how fast) the upskilling movement has advanced and look forward to even greater progress as this trend continues.

For more news and resources, I encourage you to visit upskillamerica.org and check out the UpSkilling Playbook for Employers.


Hotels Open the Door to Debt-Free College

Added under College Degrees

Employment and Jobs
Hotel Industry and Pearson Partner to Offer Debt-Free College Degrees to Employees
February 28, 2018 • UpSkill America


Kroger Innovates with “Educational Leave”

Added under Apprenticeship, College Degrees

Employment and Jobs
Kroger Innovates with “Educational Leave”
April 16, 2018 • UpSkill America


McDonald’s Supersizes Tuition Assistance

Added under College Degrees, High School Completion/Equivalency

Employment and Jobs
McDonald’s Boosts Tuition Assistance for Employees
March 29, 2018 • UpSkill America


Chili’s Serves Up New Apprenticeship Program

Added under Apprenticeship, College Degrees

Employment and Jobs
Chili’s Adds 250 Slots to New Apprenticeship Program
April 5, 2018 • UpSkill America


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A growing number of companies are making big investments in their employees. Learn about new #upskilling initiatives from @AHLEFoundation, @Kroger, @McDonalds, @Chilis, @Maggianos, & more.

It’s been less than a year since @upskillamerica released its #UpSkilling Playbook for Employers. Since then, the movement has taken some major steps forward.


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