Identity and Equity

Summit on Prosperity in Los Angeles Brings Latino Leaders Together

August 17, 2016  • Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program OLD

Image result“Participants of a summit held Tuesday in downtown Los Angeles explored how the prosperity of the United States is deeply intertwined with the success and wellbeing of Latinos.

More than 200 Latino and non-Latino leaders from various sectors attended the Aspen Institute’s  Latinos and Society Program’s second annual “America’s Future Summit: Reimagining Opportunity in a Changing Nation.” They discussed the importance of ensuring Latinos have access to healthy communities, high-quality schools, good-paying jobs and safe environments.

They also noted that while progress has been made, more intentional collaboration is required between various sectors – including government, business, philanthropy and community-based organizations – so that Latinos can have a fair chance to achieve their full potential.”

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