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What’s new at the Economic Opportunities Program – January 2018

January 4, 2018  • Economic Opportunities Program

We are pleased to bring you the latest edition of the Economic Opportunities Program’s newsletter! Learn how the Economic Opportunities Program (EOP) and its initiatives are driving change and helping low- and moderate-income Americans connect to and thrive in a changing economy.

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Expanding access to quality jobs

Can retail jobs be better jobs? At our Working in America event, “ What’s in Store: The Future of Work in Retail,” panelists discussed how technology, new business models, and other factors are changing retail. What this means for the future is more complicated than whether or not there will be jobs. Panelists described opportunities to invest in workers and make retail work more rewarding work — with benefits for customers, communities, and investors too. Read the summary and watch the full video online.

EOP’s 2017-18 Job Quality Fellows recently released a statement of purpose describing the Fellows’ shared vision for a more inclusive and equitable future. Next, we will be releasing a series of multimedia profiles of each member of the Fellowship’s inaugural cohort describing the approaches they take to improve job quality in their communities. Look for the first profiles in the coming weeks and more to come throughout 2018.

Reconnecting work and wealth

Can hard work still provide sustained economic security for workers and their families? Reconnecting Work and Wealth is a joint initiative — led by EOP and the Financial Security Program — dedicated to exploring this question. Maureen Conway and other leaders across fields shared ideas for how to reconnect work and wealth in a new video. Lata Reddy, senior vice president of diversity, inclusion, and impact at Prudential Financial, described the importance of reconnecting work and wealth in a blog post.

In early December, FIELD, the Financial Security Program, and six nonprofits convened for the Nonprofit Leaders in Financial Technology (nLIFT) winter meeting in San Francisco. Comprised of leaders in the fields of technology and financial inclusion, nLIFT members discussed their primary challenges, analyzed their business and revenue models, and discussed ways that they could work collectively and with partners to advance the group’s shared goal of leveraging technology-driven platforms to develop a fairer and more inclusive financial system.

New Endeavors in the New Year

EOP welcomes Dan Porterfield as the new President and CEO of the Aspen Institute, effective June 2018. We look forward to working with Dan to promote the principle of inclusion, address the critical challenges facing working people and aspiring entrepreneurs, and advance promising strategies, policies, and ideas to help low- and moderate-income Americans connect to and thrive in a changing economy in 2018 and beyond.

As we set our priorities for the new year, the Economic Opportunities Program and its initiatives hope to hear from you. Have you read a Workforce Strategies Initiative publication, attended a Working in America event, or participated in one of our leadership development or fellowship programs? If so, EOP invites you to fill out a brief survey and let us know what you think of our work.

EOP’s Workforce Strategies Initiative recently launched a new website. Packed with the initiative’s current and past work, this new website offers a simple interface and improved navigation to help you find the content you need. Like WSI’s new look? We look forward to sharing a new, fully-redesigned FIELD website with you in the coming months as well.

Are you involved in upskilling at your company? Do you help businesses develop upskilling strategies or programs? UpSkill America would love to hear from you. The feedback you provide in this brief survey will inform our work this year.

Finally, the Economic Opportunities Program has settled into the new Aspen Institute headquarters at 2300 N Street NW, Washington DC. EOP has many exciting events planned throughout 2018. We hope you will join us at our beautiful new offices and event space for our Working in America series discussions and other conversations. We look forward to hosting you here!

Upcoming for the Economic Opportunities Program

On Friday, February 9, at 12:00 pm ET, the Economic Opportunities Program will host “I Am Not a Tractor: A Book Talk and Discussion on Worker-Driven Social Responsibility,” our first Working in America event of the year and the first EOP-hosted event at our new offices at 2300 N Street NW, Washington, DC. Register today!

On Wednesday, February 21, the Economic Opportunities Program and the Latinos and Society Program will host another Working in America series event at our new offices. The panel discussion will explore structural challenges Latinos face in the American workforce today and opportunities to address these challenges. Be sure to save the date.

The Aspen Institute will host the 2018 Summit on Inequality and Opportunity on March 8 at Arena Stage. This all-day event will convene 400+ policymakers, civic leaders, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and practitioners from all over the country for a day of ideas, problem-solving, and values-based exchange.

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