Kate Jaffee

Kate Jaffee

Director, Climate & Environment, Energy and Environment Program

Kate Jaffee is the Associate Director for Climate and Environment.

Kate Jaffee is the Director for Climate & Environment with the Aspen Institute Energy & Environment Program. In this role, Kate leads the process to research, identify, and develop substantive topics, facilitate convenings of experts, and engage with participants, partners, and stakeholders across a variety of different topics in the climate and environment space. Kate also plays a role in the development of the program’s long-term vision, goals, and strategy and helps to lead the EEP team responsible for Aspen Ideas: Climate. Kate has been closely involved in the development and implementation of the program’s work on wildfire, water, public lands, coastal resilience, and agriculture programming as well as other domestic and international climate and environmental policy forums.

Prior to joining the Aspen Institute in 2018, Kate was a Legislative Aide for United States Senator Michael F. Bennet of Colorado. During her time in Senator Bennet’s office, Kate worked on energy, environment, and agriculture policy. Kate was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder where she studied International Affairs.

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