Mack Wallace

Mack Wallace

Fellow and Senior Policy Advisor , Aspen Financial Security Program, leading the inclusive financial systems initiative

Mack joins the Aspen Institute’s Financial Security Program as a fellow and Senior Policy Advisor to lead Aspen’s inclusive financial systems initiative.

Mack is passionate about the use of data and technology to advance greater financial wellbeing, both as a current product innovator and former financial regulator. He started and devotes a weekly newsletter, Fintalk News, to this subject.

Within fintech, he currently serves as director and head of product at MPOWER Financing, which focuses on making US higher education more financially accessible to international and DACA students. Previously at ZestAI, he developed machine learning software for credit scoring to expand access to affordable credit and whose technology is now used in loan portfolios totally over $1 trillion.

Within the U.S. Federal Government, he served as Fintech Policy Advisor at USAID where he led the creation of the RegTech for Regulators Accelerator and organized the 2015-2016 U.S. Financial Inclusion Forums.

Previously, as Product Manager and early employee at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), he helped pioneer the agency’s innovative consumer complaint system and public complaint database – now used by over 2M American households to resolve financial issues. Mack holds degrees in international development and applied economics from Cornell University.

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