Miguel Padró

Miguel joined the Aspen Institute Business & Society Program (Aspen BSP) after working in business for 10 years, primarily in in the healthcare technology and education sectors.  He currently leads the program’s Purpose of the Corporation work.  Miguel brings a deep curiosity about the intersection of capitalism and democracy, an interest that first emerged in his undergraduate studies of Eastern European transitions out of communism and evolved further during his subsequent global travels and pursuit of an MA in International Relations. 

He has managed a range of projects for Aspen BSP including a business faculty network focused on low-wage worker issues, Corporate Values Strategy Group research into the practice of quarterly earnings guidance and investor communications, and a series of academic-practitioner roundtables on “Rethinking Shareholder Value and The Purpose of the Corporation.”  Miguel authored BSP’s business faculty conversation paper, “Unrealized Potential: Misconceptions of Corporate Law and New Opportunities for Business Education” and managed a research project culminating in the 2014 report, “Unpacking Corporate Purpose: A Report on the Beliefs of Executives, Investors, and Scholars.”  Miguel is an avid reader, a passionate but middling musician, and proud father.  He lives with his wife, Rebecca, and their two children in New Jersey.

Authored by Miguel