Yameen Huq's headshot.

Yameen Huq

Director, US Cybersecurity Group, Aspen Digital

Yameen Huq joined Aspen Digital in August 2023 and leads initiatives in addressing challenges within US Cybersecurity. Prior to joining Aspen Digital, Yameen worked as the Director of Data & Analytics at N2K Networks, Inc., a workforce development and media company known for the podcasts CyberWire Daily and HackingHumans. Under that role, he led a team that built strategic reports across multiple business functions as well as a workforce assessment service offering that provides training roadmaps to clients based on talent gaps in their workforce.

He also previously worked as a Manager in the Data & Analytics and Cybersecurity practices at Ernst & Young, LLP. where he led strategic cybersecurity assessments and analytics implementations at Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries. During this time, he also worked as a Deputy Data Director for the 2020 Presidential and Senate campaign in Arizona where he developed metrics and reporting to optimize voter outreach.

He holds an MS in Cybersecurity, a BS in Economics, and a BS in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering; all from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He lives in Arlington, VA.

Authored by Yameen Huq