US & Global Cybersecurity Groups Announce New Leaders

February 21, 2024  • Katie D’Hondt Brooks, Jeff Greene & Yameen Huq

The Aspen Institute’s US and Global Cybersecurity Groups welcome new members at the frontline of technology and security. These additions will bring valuable new experiences and perspectives to the Institute’s cybersecurity efforts, part of Aspen Digital.

The leading cross-sector, public-private forum for promoting a secure future for America’s institutions, infrastructure, and individuals, the US Group welcomes a new co-chair:

  • Kemba Walden, President, Paladin Global Institute. Kemba served as Acting National Cyber Director until November, and offers a wealth of expertise in cybersecurity policy and strategy.

Walden’s addition will build on the Group’s future-focused priorities, much of which is reflected in the ONCD National cyber strategy she oversaw. Walden will join the other US co-chairs, Yasmin Green, CEO of Jigsaw at Google; Chris Krebs, Senior Newmark Fellow in Cybersecurity at Aspen Institute; and Gary Steele, President & CEO of Splunk.

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