Jeffrey Sachs on Why We’re Living in a Dangerous Time

October 4, 2017  • Aspen Ideas to Go

In a recent column , world-renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs wrote, “the White House is in turmoil; Congress is paralyzed; and the world is looking on in astonishment and dread.” Sachs, who has advised former UN secretaries general and Senator Bernie Sanders, says he’s distressed about the political and social atmosphere in the United States.

He says we’ve reached a point where, with technological advances, we can either choose to do the ultimate good or create unimaginable disaster. We have the power to end poverty, he says, transition to a low-carbon economy, and protect the earth’s biodiversity. But, he thinks, progress is held up in Washington by special interests.

In this episode, he speaks with Steve Clemons, Washington editor-at-large of The Atlantic, about why the benefits of globalization aren’t being equally distributed, how the Republicans’ efforts to undo Obamacare are misguided, and why the US needs a “ministry of planning.”

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