Employment and Jobs

Podcast: “Reskilling: Good for Workers…and Companies, too”

December 11, 2018  • UpSkill America

What it means to be employed continues to shift. The old way of thinking? It’s up to employees to learn those new skills, or else companies will find someone else who has them. In this episode, we’ll hear from employers turning that way of thinking on its head — and seeing how their businesses are benefiting.

In this episode of the podcast “Fortune Favors the Bold,” UpSkill America Director Jaime Fall describes why upskilling is a great investment for workers and businesses alike.

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About the show

Fortune Favors the Bold is a podcast about the unique and changing role money plays in our lives—and about what happens when we take risks, take control, and redefine our relationship with it. Hosted by data journalist Mona Chalabi, the series will tell stories about the rules of the game when it comes to money, and the people and organizations who are breaking them in ways that benefit us all. This is the official Mastercard podcast, produced in partnership with Gimlet Creative. Click here for more info.



On Fortune Favors the Bold (a podcast by @Mastercard & @gimletcreative), @upskillamerica Director Jaime Fall (@Jaimen8r) describes why #upskilling is a great investment for workers and businesses alike.


Employment and Jobs
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