Gender Equity

Speaking Up Against Sexual Harassment

January 18, 2018  • Zach St. Louis

What is the best way to speak up and navigate difficult conversations? The most recent episode of Aspen Insight explores this question.

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Women and men across the country are breaking the silence and speaking up about sexual assault and harassment as a result of the #MeToo Movement. Aspen Institute vice president and longtime women’s rights activist Peggy Clark shares a story of her own experience with unwanted sexual advances and offers her thoughts on what can be done to combat this issue.

In a divided America, having productive conversations with relatives, friends, and colleagues who hold different beliefs can feel impossible. Todd Breyfogle is the director of seminars for the Aspen Institute, and he offers a roadmap for how to break down those barriers in order to connect and find common ground on important issues, even in the face of stark differences.

And finally, an Aspen Institute Fellow explains another type of map. Di-Ann Eisnor is the head of growth for the popular navigation and traffic app Waze. She explains technology’s power to unite people and chart the way toward a more connected future.

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