The Moral Question at the Center of the Climate Crisis with Katharine Wilkinson and Brett Jenks

March 29, 2023  • Aspen Global Leadership Network

Climate change poses one of the most existential threats of our time. It is a complex and overwhelming problem that requires a diverse set of solutions. We also know that at its core, this crisis, like many, is a moral challenge, rather than a technical one. In this episode of LIMINAL, we invite you to think  less about the “what” of climate work and more about the “who” and “who” we need to be in order to create the transformational change required to combat the warming planet.

Dar Vanderbeck and two climate leaders – Dr. Katharine Wilkinson, Executive Director of the All We Can Save Project and author of Drawdown and Brett Jenks, CEO of Rare and an Aspen Institute Catto Fellow, explore their unique paths into climate work and invite you to think about the ways you might show up. 

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About Our Guests

Dr. Katharine Wilkinson is a bestselling author, strategist, and teacher, working to heal the planet we call home. Dr. Wilkinson’s books on climate include the bestselling anthology All We Can Save, The Drawdown Review, the New York Times bestseller Drawdown. She leads The All We Can Save Project, which she co-founded with Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson. An emergent nonprofit, the Project’s mission is to nurture the leaderful climate community we need for a life-giving future, using the tools of narrative change, community building, deep learning, and tending the emotional-spiritual root from which climate leadership grows. Find her @DrKWilkinson.

Brett Jenks has championed behavior change in the conservation community for more than 20 years. As CEO of Rare, he drives the organization’s international mission to equip people in the world’s most biologically diverse countries with the tools and motivation needed to sustainably manage their natural resources. Brett is a Catto Fellow, Braddock Scholar and McNulty Prize laureate with the Aspen Institute, a member of the Closed Loop Fund’s investment committee, a trustee to the Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham Trust, and, in 2017, he received the Rose-Walters Prize for Global Environmental Activism. Find him @brettjenks.


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