What’s your role in social change?

September 23, 2021  • Aspen Global Leadership Network

Disrupters. Weavers. Visionaries. Caregivers. Storytellers.

These are just a few of the roles that make up the “Social Change Ecosystem Map” – a tool that took social media by storm last summer as more people found their way into the racial justice movement. On this episode of the Value of Leadership, we’ll hear from the designer of the map: Deepa Iyer.

Deepa is a writer, activist, and movement builder. She designed the Social Ecosystem Map to help all kinds of individuals, networks, and organizations find roles in alignment with their values and unique skills and abilities that can be leveraged to create effective social change. Check out the map here on buildingmovement.org. Listen to this episode to learn to use this tool to discover – or re-discover – how you fit into the mosaic of change-making.

This conversation was originally recorded from the stage of the 2021 Resnick Aspen Action Forum and is moderated Adria Goodson, Pahara-Aspen Education Fellow and Director of the Ford Global Fellowship at the Ford Foundation.

To learn more about Deepa’s work, check out her website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter @deepaiyer.

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