Whose Job Is It to Protect Your Online Data?

October 12, 2021  • Aspen Ideas to Go

When you tick a box on an online privacy notice, just how much personal information are you giving away? Is the tradeoff worthwhile? When it comes to data, the relationship between companies and consumers is uneven — customers are getting a raw deal because there’s no limit on what a company can collect. Whose job is it to regulate this space and better protect consumers’ data? Tom Wilson, CEO of Allstate, thinks the federal government should step in with a digital Bill of Rights that would increase transparency. Jen King, Privacy and Data Policy Fellow at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, believes one (among many) solutions is data trusts. They speak with Kristine Gloria, director of artificial intelligence for Aspen Digital, about large-scale solutions and what consumers can do today to better protect themselves online.

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