Artist-Activist Fellowship

In 2024 the Arts Program at Aspen Institute launched a new initiative to support artists who are actively involved in social and policy issues.

Social Art and Culture in collaboration with the Arts Program at Aspen Institute supports the first cohort of the Environmental Justice Artivist Fellowship® ( EJA Fellowship®).

This initiative will train and provide professional development, networking, and a platform for artivist voices seeking to bolster strategies in climate action and environmental justice through the lens of visual, performance, literary, and multi- and interdisciplinary arts.

Nine fellows were chosen from a diverse group of DC area-based arts leaders, to participate in the 2024 pilot of the Environmental Justice Artivist Fellowship® (EJA Fellowship®). Each participant is committed to developing a community-based art project that focuses on one of five climate-related issues impacting Wards 5, 7 and 8: clean air, water quality and safety, clean energy, food equity, and land and pollution waste. As the landscape of climate solutions becomes increasingly urgent, creative thinkers and artists’ contributions are necessary to understanding these needs and proposing creative solutions.

The EJA Fellowship® program will run from March 11 to November 14, 2024. Each fellow will:

Engage in diverse programming hosted by STEM experts, alongside the Aspen Institute and Social Art and Culture;
– Access exclusive in-person learning sessions with leading experts on issues including water quality and safety, clean energy, clean air, food equity, land pollution and waste, and corporate responsibility with a focus on community resilience;
– Conduct practice-based research and engage the community to execute their final public art project presentations in November 2024.

The 2024 Artivist Fellows are: Lynda Andrews-Barry, Leonina Arismendi, Melani N. Douglass, Billy Frieble, Stephanie Garon, Jaren Hill Lockridge, Noël Kassewitz, Murat Cem Mengüç, and Sherri Roberts Lumpkin.

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