Aspen City Action Lab

The Aspen City Action Lab works with a select number of cities with significant Latino populations to generate long-term, inclusive economic growth through business ownership. The Lab provides city-specific data, increases collaboration, connects local leaders with federal policymakers and investors to leverage public funding and private philanthropy. Local Aspen City Steering Committees, made up of local cross-sector leaders, craft an overarching vision for inclusive growth and develop an inclusive and accountable plan of action. 

Chicago City Initiative

The Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is developing an innovative procurement academy to help early-stage Latino small businesses build a strong foundation for contract readiness and strong performance. The Chamber is also developing a digital platform that uses AI to assess a company’s capability statement and match them to procurement opportunities at the state and local levels. After successful completion of the Procurement Academy, companies will be given access to this software to apply for contracts or receive referrals to other technical assistance programs at the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce or hosted by other partner organizations. 

Expected Milestones
  • Design curriculum (completed)
  • Create the procurement platform (In progress)
  • Launch Procurement Academy Pilot  

To learn about the socioeconomic characteristics, capital landscape and place-based insights for Chicago and our other cities visit our City Action Lab Insights Dashboards.