2022 Aspen ESG Summit Agenda

Aspen ESG Summit | Agenda

Mindset and Metrics – The Art and Science of Driving Change

July 11th—13th, 2022  |  Aspen Meadows Campus, Aspen, CO

DAY 1: Monday, July 11th

2:00pm Registration & Refreshments
2:45pm Main Stage Opening

CEOs on Building World Class Cultures
The pandemic has changed everything – executives are called to engage a dramatically changed workforce and customer expectations. As we move from crisis to crisis, what do we need from leaders now?

Speakers: Kathryn McLay, CEO, Sam’s Club; Judy Samuelson, Executive Director, Aspen Institute Business & Society Program

4:00pm Networking Break
4:45pm Dialogue Stream A

Getting to Net Zero: Setting Targets for the Short, Medium and Long Term
Companies are setting bold net zero commitments to rapidly decarbonize the economy. What are their short and medium term plans to meet these ambitious targets? How are they managing for change?

Discussants: Jim Andrew, EVP & CSO, PepsiCo; Katherine Neebe, CSO, Duke Energy; Val Smith, CSO, Citi; Facilitated by Wendy Woods, BCG

Dialogue Stream B

What Are Investors Really Seeking in ESG?
How are investor expectations changing vis-à-vis corporate ESG practices, and where is capital placement shifting? Which types of engagement strategies are moving the needle on corporate behavior from business model innovation to climate action to diversity?

Discussants: Tamara Larsen, US ESG Practice Leader, Mercer; Andrew Siwo, Director of Sustainable Investments & Climate Solutions, NYS Common Retirement Fund; David Swift, COO, Engine No. 1; Facilitated by Katherine Collins, Putnam Investments

6:00pm Cocktail Reception
7:00pm Networking Dinner at Aspen Meadows

Guest Speaker: Toni Stanger-McLaughlin, CEO, Native American Agriculture Fund (NAAF); Citizen of the Colville Confederated Tribes

8:30pm Close of Day


DAY 2: Tuesday, July 12th

8:15am Networking Breakfast
9:15am Main Stage Discussion

CEOs on Igniting Innovation and Sustaining Change
What ESG trends are top of mind for CEOs? What’s truly driving the need for corporate innovation and industry-level change, and how are companies responding?

Speakers: Steve Rendle, Chairman, President & CEO, VF Corporation (incl. North Face, Dickies brands); John Hayes, Chairman & Past CEO (2011-2022), Ball Corporation

Moderated by Ellen McGirt, Fortune

10:30am Morning Break
11:15am Dialogue Stream A

Building a Corporate Culture That’s ESG Fluent: From the Board to Hourly Workers
What is an ESG culture and what capabilities are needed in the boardroom, in the c-suite and throughout the workforce to deliver equitable results? Can investors assess the ability of companies to match intention with action?

Discussants: Nicola Acutt, VP of ESG, VMware; Robert Coviello, CSO and Gov’t Affairs, Bunge; Lata Reddy, SVP of Inclusive Solutions & Chair of Foundation, Prudential; Facilitated by Tierney Remick, Korn Ferry

Dialogue Stream B

Scope 3 Impacts: Getting ESG Data Ready for “Prime Time”
How is the measurement and management of Scope 3 data evolving and what are the emerging best practices? How are companies partnering and upskilling so that they have the capacity to assure and meaningful impact Scope 3 targets?

Discussants: Roger Martella, CSO, GE; Scott Tew, VP of Sustainability, Trane Technologies; Facilitated by Liz Hardin, BCG

Dialogue Stream C

(How) Should ESG Leaders Support Democracy?
Threats to democracy have upended business as usual domestically and abroad. Why should ESG leaders care? Are ESG leaders playing a role in operationalizing the pro-democracy commitments their firms have made—or how might they, while still doing their day job?

Discussants: Vit Henisz, Director, Political Risk Lab & Vice Dean, ESG Initiative, The Wharton School; Jim O’Leary, U.S. COO & Global Chair of ESG & Impact, Edelman; Gretchen Phillips, Managing Director, Reimagining Capitalism, Omidyar; Facilitated by Orlan Boston, EY

12:30pm Networking Luncheon with Guest Speaker
2:00pm Dialogue Stream A

Can Workers and Investors Both Win?
Human capital is the engine of business success and yet too many jobs prevent workers from making ends meet, let alone achieve upward economic mobility. How can investors, company leaders, and frontline employees align to ensure – and prosper from – the financial success of the corporation?

Discussants: Maria Flynn, CEO, Jobs For The Future; Julie Gehrki, VP, Walmart.org; Todd Greene, Executive Director, WorkRise; Cambria Allen Raztlaff, Director of Investor Strategies, JUST Capital; Facilitated by Eli Malinsky, Aspen Institute Business & Society Program

Dialogue Stream B

Sustainable Business Model Innovation: Lessons from the Field
Front runner companies are innovating with an eye on the environmental and social issues that will impact their long-term success. This session will investigate a case study that is one example of such forward-looking strategic planning.

Discussants: Jim Cannon, CEO, Sustainable Fisheries; Erin Fitzgerald, CEO, U.S. Farmers & Ranchers; Surbhi Martin, VP of Greek Yogurt & Functional Nutrition, Danone; Jenny McColloch, CSO, McDonald’s; Facilitated by Judy Samuelson

Dialogue Stream C

Integrating Climate Action and Environmental Justice
How are companies and investors building environmental justice and racial equity into their climate strategies? When setting priorities for climate action, who should be at the table?

Discussants: Michael Kobori, CSO, Starbucks; Bonnie Lei, Head of Environmental Justice, Microsoft; Facilitated by Karen Weigert, Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility

3:15pm Afternoon Break
4:00pm Main Stage Discussion

The Evolution of ESG Disclosure and Practice
What can and can’t be done on big ESG problems through rule making? Which important policy levers should corporations and investors be aligning behind?

Speakers: Hon. Allison Herren Lee, Commissioner, SEC interviewed by  Sabastian Niles, Partner, Wachtell Lipton; followed by  Hon. Michael W. Frerichs, Treasurer, State of Illinois interviewed by  Elliot Gerson, EVP, Aspen Institute

5:30pm Cocktail Reception at the Bayer Center for Bauhaus Art, Aspen Meadows
6:45pm Dinner Excursions to Aspen Town Center
8:15pm Close of Day


DAY 3: Wednesday, July 13th

8:15am Networking Breakfast
9:15am Dialogue Stream A

Designing Bonds and Loans for Social Impact
As offerings like green bonds, racial equity bonds, sustainability notes and more proliferate, how are these instruments changing the outlook for a “just” financial transition?

Discussants: Zach Boyers,  EVP & CEO, U.S. Bancorp Community Development; Sidney Dillard, Partner, Loop Capital; Facilitated by Swasti Gupta-Mukherjee, Loyola University Chicago

Dialogue Stream B

Creating the Right Incentives & Accountability for ESG Targets
What ESG performance merits explicit rewards, and what performance is considered table stakes for executives and others in the firm? How can we build incentives guided by “fairness”?

Discussants: Cole Brown, Chief People Officer, American Airlines; Linda Mantia, Board Director & Chair of Compensation Committee, McKesson; Dave Wise, ESG Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry; Facilitated by Don Lowman, Korn Ferry

Dialogue Stream C

Global Perspectives on ESG & Impact
Across borders, very different notions of ESG disclosure, impact and expectations are developing. What’s driving those differences and what can be learned from them?

Discussants: Janine Guillot, CEO, VRF & Special Advisor, ISSB; Karin Reiter, SVP Sustainability & ESG, Addeco Group; Siobhan Cleary, ESG Specialist, Baillie Gifford; Facilitated by Pedro Matos, UVA Darden School of Business

10:30am Morning Break
11:00am Main Stage Closing

Managing ESG in Turbulent Times
How are the challenges of managing through crises changing our perceptions about ESG? How is ESG helping to guide organizations through examining social impact and making hard decisions when turmoil strikes?

Speakers: Paulette Frank, CSO, Johnson & Johnson; Chris McKnett, Co-Head of Sustainable Investing, Allspring; Brandon Nelson, GC & Corporate Secretary, JetBlue

Moderated by Heather Landy, Executive Editor, Quartz

12:00pm Networking Luncheon
1:00pm Close of Aspen ESG Summit
1:00pm-5:00pm Post Event Workshop on Academic Research Surrounding ESG
In this post-event workshop, we will explore the role of scholars in the future of ESG: what new opportunities are there now for research and field-building? As climate and social issues become more present to us all, what might be possible in the Academy that hasn’t been possible before?Separate registration necessary for workshop, please inquire for information.