Emerging Leaders in Microbusiness (ELM²)

BOI’s Emerging Leaders in Microbusiness (ELM²) Fellowship supports the development of emerging leaders in the microbusiness field. Called “Emerging Leaders in Microbusiness, squared” to represent the program’s multiplier effect in developing new leaders, this fellowship targets both high-potential staff in mature microenterprise organizations and young executive directors of new organizations. The fellowship supports them through a process aimed at building their strategic and organizational skills, preparing them to lead within their own organizations and the broader field, and creating a collaborative peer network.

BOI selected and worked with three classes of fellows from 2012 through 2015. In 2016, BOI built an alumni component to ELM² to continue our work with the 35 fellows from our first three classes. The alumni program provides opportunities for ongoing learning and networking for ELM² alumni through in-person and virtual events. ELM² fellows are also part of the Economic Opportunity Program’s Economic Opportunity Fellows Network.