BOI’s MicroTracker program provides data and tools that enable microenterprise development organizations (MDOs) and their funders to track and assess performance. MicroTracker also provides stakeholders with data about the size, scale, and value of the US microenterprise industry.

MicroTracker includes:

  • Data collection and analysis services that enable MDOs to collect and use high-quality data.
  • Standardized metrics that describe program activities and client outcomes and can be used to compare performance over time and relative to industry peers.
  • The only annually-updated data set that compiles information from MDOs across the US and provides an overview of their activities, scale, effectiveness, and outcomes.

Through MicroTracker, BOI conducts two annual data collection efforts — the US Microenterprise Census and the EntrepreneurTracker client outcomes survey. Data from these initiatives are housed on BOI’s MicroTracker.org website, which includes analytic tools that allow users to benchmark and compare data across organizations and years.