Congressional Program

The Aspen Institute Congressional Program, established in 1983 by former U.S. Senator Dick Clark, is a nongovernmental, nonpartisan educational program for members of the United States Congress. This program gives Senators and Representatives the opportunity to delve into complex and critical public policy issues with internationally recognized experts. Lawmakers attending our programming explore policy alternatives in an off-the-record setting and build relationships that are crucial to finding solutions.

We do not endorse specific legislation and maintain complete political neutrality. Our programs include weekly breakfasts and tri-annual international conferences.

To view all Congressional Program Conference Papers CLICK HERE.

Facts about the Aspen Institute Congressional Program (AICP):

  • No lobbyists, congressional staff or members of the press are permitted to attend our programming.
  • The AICP is funded exclusively by philanthropic foundations; we do not accept funding from governments, corporations, private citizens or special interests.
  • Since the program was founded over 400 members of Congress have participated and gained valuable insights into crucial public policy issues.

If you are interested in getting more information about the program please contact the staff listed below.

Dan Glickman, Executive Director
(202) 736-5825