Criminal Justice Reform Initiative

Now is the time to re-imagine the criminal justice system. We believe that when justice is truly realized, both safety and opportunity are defined and created by communities themselves, so that they may become free of the heavy weight of the criminal legal system. CJRI’s work is to support and amplify community-level policies and practices that can transform how we think of justice in the United States.

The initiative’s forthcoming Justice and Governance Partnership, launching in mid-2021, will play a critical role in transforming justice at the local level. This network, over time, will comprise of up to 10 local jurisdictions around the country and will generate a steady increase of data-driven, community-informed policies and practices that the whole country can learn from.

Working with the Justice Mapping Project, as part of the Justice and Governance Partnership we’ll launch a new tool for local jurisdictions, the Justice Audit. The Audit is designed to report and track the forms of governance, training, and oversight in criminal justice and related agencies in a community, including but not limited to policing. Most importantly, the Audit is rooted in community-engaged development, transparency, and accountability in ways that push us toward a much needed form of community-involved justice. Learn more about the Justice Governance Partnership.

We know that the criminal justice ‘system’ is multifaceted and disjointed; and so our approach is to think of it as a as ‘justice continuum’ across which we need to make significant, lasting change happen. We break the continuum into three segments, and identify 18 different areas in need of change, and know that other systems (housing, education, workforce, etc.) must be considered as well.  Find out more about the criminal justice continuum.

Today’s world demands big dreams and big plans. We have both, so stay tuned as we announce more virtual events you can join and launch additional programs. To stay informed, sign up for our email list (below), check out our upcoming and recent events and other news, subscribe to our new Shades of Freedom podcast, and follow CJRI on Twitter.