Our Work

Our mission is to improve public education outcomes by informing, influencing, and inspiring education leaders across policy and practice, with an emphasis on achieving equity for students of color and students from low-income families. We have a robust track record of success in setting the table for system leaders, policymakers, and other education leaders to envision a better future and address the most challenging problems in education. Our program addresses these challenges through our unique ability to concurrently leverage the following:

  • Framer of Critical Issues: We are a vital resource for connecting vision, coherent strategy, and effective implementation. We help leaders see around the corner and determine what’s next.
  • Trusted Convener Across Lines of Difference: Education leaders trust us to curate the right participants with the right facilitation, generating insights that fuel visionary leadership.
  • Exemplary Adult Learning and Leadership Development: We create the most valuable venues in the field for authentic learning and honest dialogue, which ultimately result in changed leadership and a range of practical resources.