Challenges of Values Based Leadership: Leading Through Chaos For Individuals

During times of crises, it is paramount that leaders exhibit self-knowledge, authenticity, and integrity in their decision-making. Such leaders know how to draw upon their core values to chart a successful path forward, using their leadership convictions as a guide with which to navigate their teams through uncertain situations. This seminar allows participants the opportunity to understand and clarify the values by which they lead—particularly in times of crisis—so they can balance opposing values and competing ideals, align their personal and organizational needs, and make decisions with clarity and conviction.

Key Questions Explored

What are your core leadership values? How do your core values align with or contradict the values of others? How do you respond when your core values are in conflict in your leadership role? What values do you see exhibited in your teams and colleagues? How do you leverage your values to lead ourselves and others, especially in chaotic, unpredictable times?

Participants Leave the Seminar With
  • A deeper understanding of how to draw from their core leadership values in times of crisis
  • Enhanced decisiveness and confidence in their personal leadership style
  • Increased ability to anticipate and strategically manage change
  • Greater ability to effectively listen to and communicate with their teams, especially during times of crisis
  • Greater facility in managing teams, especially in a digital environment
Seminar Recommended For

Individuals seeking to:

  • integrate and or build stronger teams, particularly teams working at a distance
  • enhance their self-understanding and the key qualities that drive their leadership
  • improve their ability to inspire teams and lead through change
  • engage in thoughtful listening practices to better resolves conflicts brought about by competing interests and priorities
  • develop their professional networks outside their current sector

Seminar Curriculum: Short texts may be drawn from such authors as Anna Akhmatova, Pablo Neruda, and Chimamanda Adichie

Seminar Format: This seminar will be offered virtually over Zoom. It consists of four (4) 3-hour sessions offered either consecutively in a single week or across multiple weeks. 

Seminar Sessions:

Session 1: Leading Through Chaos: Self
Session 2: Leading Through Chaos: Others
Session 3: Leading Through Chaos: Society
Session 4: The Challenges of Values Based Leadership

The fee for this Seminar offering is: $3,900

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