The Aspen Experience

Aspen Executive Leadership Experience

One Method. Multiple Formats. Infinite Results.

Aspen Leadership Seminars start from a simple premise: the difficult decisions leaders make are moral, not technical. Leaders must understand the values that animate their decisions. Once you sharpen your own values, leading others then requires you to understand and forge alignment among diverse values systems. Our seminars meet participants where they are in their leadership journey and then guides them to the next level.

The Aspen Method of Leadership Development

The Aspen experience is an encounter with who we are, and who—in action—we ought to become. Only you can take that journey.

The Ingredients


Each seminar participant brings a different perspective, professional experience, and value framework to the seminar dialogue. Whether you are taking a seminar with someone from your organization or meeting your fellow participants for the first time, you will all contribute to the learning journey by listening to, probing, challenging, and supporting your fellow seminarians.


Aspen moderators help transform your approach to living and leading by challenging you to recognize and then find your own answers to the enduring questions of societal, organizational, and personal leadership. Our accomplished seminar moderators have diverse professional backgrounds and expertise in the Aspen Method.


A trademark of the Aspen Method, seminar curriculum are an expertly curated mix of short, stimulating readings from the greatest minds in philosophy, literature, economic theory, history, and the social sciences. These readings enlighten the mind, touch the heart, and evoke a transformative growth experience.

The Experience

Learning Environment

An Aspen Leadership Seminar is a dynamic, brave space of reflective discovery. The spirit of confidentiality and candor makes the process a genuinely impactful, transformative and joyful experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Text-Based Dialogue

Using the readings as a foundation for discussion, moderators lead an intense and enlightening exploration of the value conflicts inherent in all leadership decisions. This dynamic process challenges you and your fellow participants to both expand your perspectives and become more resolved in action.

Guided Introspection

Leaders need time and space to reflect on what they believe and why they believe it. Aspen Seminars take participants to a place of genuine introspection, resulting in leadership actions grounded in purpose and clarity.

The Outcomes

  • Steadfast understanding of personal leadership values

  • Greater self-awareness and capacity for self-correction

  • Increased sense of purpose and mission

  • Enhanced understanding of what motivates people

  • Improved capacity to listen, communicate, and lead

  • Heightened ability to inspire others and drive change

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