Custom Designed Seminars

Timeless Methods. Custom Delivery.

The Aspen Institute works closely with leading organizations to offer transformational experiences for teams and groups. From working with senior leadership to create stronger organizational cultures to creating genuine spaces for groups to engage and exchange ideas, the Institute’s dynamic method of seminar delivery results in more collaborative, effective, and human-centered teams. Our seminar model is flexible and can be applied anywhere – virtually, in your locality, or at our beautiful Aspen Meadows campus in Aspen, CO.

Using the Aspen Institute seminar model at the heart of our design, we work with you to create a bespoke program tailored to achieve your organization’s particular goals and objectives.

Interested in a custom seminar experience for your organization?

We can help you plan meaningful, high priority events, including:

Developing Senior Teams

Talent Development

Executive Board Meetings

Corporate Retreats

Constituent/Client Engagement

Membership Conferences

“An Aspen Seminar will deepen the relationship that you have with your team, create the space for truly meaningful reflection about the important issues of leadership, and create a deeper level of understanding of what your team wants and needs at a given point in time in their careers and in life.”
Antonio Lucio
Principal & Founder, 5S Diversity and Executive Fellow at Yale School of Management, Former CMO Visa, HP, and Facebook

Download Learn how Antonio Lucio partnered with the Aspen Institute to create strong team cultures at Visa, HP, and Facebook.

We can help you work through pressing challenges within your organization, including:

Culture, Purpose, and Mission

How do you build alignment on organizational culture, purpose, and mission? What does it take to develop a mission statement that sticks? Our seminars help you clarify organizational values and purpose resulting in a shared understanding of what your mission statement means and how it’s lived.

Identity, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

How does an organization embrace diverse identities to forward equity and inclusion in the workplace? Our seminars create bonds of trust, mutual understanding, a shared vocabulary, and habits of conversation, leading to a culture of transparency and inclusivity.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

How do you develop the self-knowledge, humility, and sensitivity to others to manage different expressions of emotional intelligence (EQ)? Our seminars help develop empathy, the capacity to listen and understand, and the ability to manage one’s own emotions in the face of
stressful and uncertain situations.

Leadership and Organizational Change

How do you undertake meaningful organizational change? How can you best navigate transitions in leadership? Our seminars surface and address the key motivations and blockages that support or impede changes in leadership or efforts at change management.

Team Dynamics, Communication, and Accountability

How do you build high-functioning, collaborative teams? Our seminars build genuine bonds of excellence and accountability to support a culture of continuous improvement.

“I have used the Aspen institute on three different occasions with three different management teams. In each case, the program was designed to meet specific objectives, and did so in a way that cannot be achieved in a traditional business setting. Aspen has a unique formula for challenging traditional leadership thinking.”
Neil Brinker
CEO, Modine Manufacturing Company

Our Core Leadership Seminars

Our seminars provide your group the opportunity to address and overcome some of the toughest obstacles organizations encounter. These Core Seminars – which can be offered at your organization either in-person or virtually – sharpen values, encourage innovation, and create lasting impact.

Leading Through Chaos:
Challenges of Values-Based Leadership

This seminar is ideal for clarifying the values by which you lead—particularly in times of crises—and aligning personal, organizational, and social values.

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Identity, Diversity, and Equity in the Workplace

This seminar supports understanding, expanding, and integrating key components of equity and identity in the workplace.

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Leading Teams:
Building Community and Strengthening Interpersonal Relationships

This seminar explores the ways in which people of different values and priorities can learn to better work together, even when the team is not meeting face-to-face.

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Efficiency and Empathy:
Building Organizational Culture

This seminar examines the role, manifestation, and application of emotional intelligence and empathy in the workplace, bolstering organizational culture.

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The Arts of Dialogue

This seminar develops effective facilitation of conversations that are meaningful, productive, and inclusive, creating a more collaborative environment.

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Purpose, Values, and Alignment

Looking for something tailored to your organization’s unique needs? We can work with you to craft a fully custom experience. Learn more below.

Designing a Custom Seminar

The Aspen Institute Executive Leadership Seminars team partners with you throughout the design and delivery of your program. We start with a consultation to determine your needs and challenges. We then write a proposal and recommend a tailored experience to meet your objectives.

Assess challenges, goals, and objectivesDesign Program and CurriculumAssemble Moderator TeamDeveloper MaterialsDeliver ProgramEvaluate and Assess

Who We’ve Worked With

  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Disney
  • DoorDash
  • FaceBook
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IDEX
  • Medtronic
  • Meta
  • Microsoft Gaming
  • Modine Manufacturing Company
  • Netflix
  • PepsiCo
  • Stand Together
  • Stanford Medical School
  • Visa
  • Young President’s Organization