COVID-19 Announcement About The Executive Leadership Seminars

2021 Seminars:

  • July 10-16 in Aspen, CO
  • September 18-24 in Aspen, CO
  • October 2-6 in Warrenton, VA
  • October 16-22 in Aspen, CO
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In the interest of safety and peace of mind, we are postponing our scheduled upcoming Executive Leadership Seminars in 2020. As the country and world respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are confident this decision is the most prudent and least disruptive course of action.

Our revised schedule is summarized below (this information is accurate as of August 2020):

Aspen Executive Seminar              March 28-April 3 [Postponed]
Aspen Executive Seminar              April 25-May 1 [Postponed]
Aspen Executive Seminar              May 16-22 [Postponed]
Aspen Executive Seminar              June 6-12 [Postponed]
Justice & Society Seminar             July 6-12 [Postponed]
Aspen Executive Seminar              August 15-21 [Postponed]
Aspen Executive Seminar              September 12-18 [Postponed]
Aspen Executive Seminar              October 24-30 [Postponed]

Especially in times like these, we need opportunities to step back and reflect on how we prioritize our values when making decisions. We look forward to welcoming you in person for these conversations when we can do so safely.

If you have any questions or concerns about an upcoming seminar, please reach out to Kalissa Hendrickson, at