Faith and Leadership Seminar

An offering from the Aspen Institute Executive Seminars and Princeton Theological Seminary

What are we made for? Who am I called to be? How does faith inform my leadership?

The Faith and Leadership seminar invites participants of all faiths, and those who see themselves as seekers, to engage in thoughtful text-based dialogue about the spiritual resources of leadership, the integration of faith and reason, and the place of transcendent values in common life. Participants are asked to bring their full selves to this challenging, confidential dialogue.

In an online, interactive, small-group seminar over three consecutive weeks, participants will engage in dialogue about the deep role of faith in leadership and civic life.

Seminar Recommended For

Leaders from business, the non-profit sector, government, education, and clergy who are seeking to align their faith with their leadership.

Format: The seminar will be offered virtually over Zoom. It consists of three (3) three-hour sessions offered either consecutive in a single week or across multiple weeks.

Seminar Curriculum: Short texts drawn from classic and contemporary authors, including Abraham Joshua Heschel, Martin Luther King, Jr., John Paul II, Victoria Safford, Simone Weil, and John Wesley.

Seminar Sessions:

Session 1: Looking Up—Creation

Session 2: Looking In—Vocation

Session 3: Looking Out—Affirmation

Participants are asked to commit to all three sessions in order to honor the cumulative integrity of the discussions

Seminar Scheduled to be Offered

2021: TBD