FAQs about Custom Seminars

What is the length of your seminars?

Our custom seminars typically range from ½ day workshops to a full week seminars. The length of the seminar is based entirely on what you would like to accomplish. Some organizations like to employ our moderators and contents for smaller portions of their work or board retreats.


How many people can be accommodated in a custom seminar?

The ideal format for one of our seminars is 12-23 people. If you are looking to accommodate a larger group, we are able to design a series of breakout sessions so that multiple groups are all engaged in the same content and discussion.


I’m looking for content to include in a work retreat/board meeting, would you be able to offer us programming?

Yes! We’ve developed content for many organizations as a supplement to their regular work retreat or board meeting. Typically, the meeting opens and closes with our content, allowing for an exploration of culture and values while at the same time getting to some of the important matters at hand. In the case of board meetings, our moderators are experienced in applying seminar content to the regular meeting agenda.


Do you design custom seminars for academic organizations?

Yes, we’ve worked with many academic institutions to develop programming for students.


How much do your seminars cost?

The cost of our seminars varies greatly and depends entirely on the circumstances of the seminar. They can range anywhere from $5,000 to $250,000. The only way for us to accurately answer that question is through a quick phone meeting where we can assess your needs and then write up a bid.


How long does it take you to design a custom build seminar?

In most instances we can design and deliver a Tier Two seminar in eight weeks or fewer. Of course, the more notice we are given the more time we will have to develop the curriculum. Tier One seminars often require 6+ months notice in order to secure rooms at our conference locations. Click here to view the custom seminar process and timeline.


How can I get more information on a custom designed seminar for my organization?

Please reach out to Kalissa Hendrickson (Kalissa.hendrickson@aspeninstitute.org) with a request for more information.