Identity, Diversity, and Equity in the Workplace for Individuals

One, three-hour session every four weeks

Humane leadership requires recognizing and incorporating the unique identities, backgrounds, and experiences everyone brings to their places of work. How do we engage blind spots when it comes to identity and equity?

With a primary focus on racial equity, the Identity, Diversity, and Equity in the Workplace seminar explores the contours of identity in ways that build more self-aware individuals and stronger and more effective teams. Enrollment for this seminar closes September 23.

Participants leave the seminar with:

  • A deeper appreciation for the formation and expression of their own identities and the identities of those with whom they interact
  • A greater awareness of the systemic benefits and/or injustices experienced by others in both historical and contemporary contexts
  • A more sophisticated understanding of and consensus about what racial equity means in theory and in practice
  • An enhanced ability to communicate on sensitive issues including, but not limited to, race, gender, sexuality, and religion
  • Strategies for leading, working with, developing, and working in diverse teams.


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Format and Curriculum:

This seminar will be offered virtually over Zoom. It consists of one, three-hour session every Thursday for four weeks. Our online seminars bring the learning, dynamism, and fellowship of Aspen seminars directly to you. Now, you can invest in your own development alongside leaders from diverse backgrounds, sectors, and locations from wherever you are. Learn more on the Aspen method of text-based dialogue and the seminar experience. Short texts drawn from such authors as Audre Lorde, Richard Rodriguez, and Elizabeth Alexander.

Participant Testimonials

“The conversations were rich, the participants were interesting, genuine, all with a wealth of experience that supported our own discovery about who we are and what else we have to learn.”

“Taking this seminar gave me a deeper appreciation of other identities and an enhanced ability to communicate…for me this outcome was more than I anticipated.”

    Sessions and Dates

    The seminar will run for one, three-hour session for four weeks.

    Enrollment and Fee

    The fee for this Seminar offering is: $2,500. Use discount code “EARLYBIRD” to get 20% off.

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