Leading Teams: Building Community and Strengthening Interpersonal Relationships For Individuals

Collaboration and personal accountability are essential features of healthy, responsive teams. A successful leader is able to unite teams with a shared sense of community and purpose. Especially in increasingly dispersed environments, it is imperative that leaders guide and support their teams by incorporating different perspectives, modeling transparency, and fostering a culture of trust. This seminar explores how leaders can draw from their individual strengths to unite teams with different values and priorities under a shared sense of understanding and purpose.

Key Questions Explored

How can leaders support teams in increasingly complex environments, and especially in the virtual environment? How can leaders build a strong, inclusive community at their organization? How do leaders draw upon the existing values of their workforce to create a shared sense of purpose? How can leaders turn the challenges of working from home into strengths? How do we strengthen interpersonal relationships which respect people’s privacy while facilitating more trusting, effective collaboration?

Participants Leave the Seminar With
  • enhanced capacity to build stronger bonds of trust, vulnerability, and accountability among their teams
  • greater ability to effectively listen to and communicate with their teams
  • increased facility in building out and supporting stronger, more connected teams
  • a deeper commitment to their own leadership values, mission, and purpose alongside the values, mission, and purpose of their organizations
  • a more sophisticated ability to be sensitive to cultural and individual differences in their teams
  • expanded strategies for managing teams in the digital environment
Seminar Recommended For

Individuals seeking to:

  • integrate and or build stronger teams, particularly teams working at a distance
  • enhance their team’s vision, purpose, and commitment through strong leadership
  • improve their ability to foster inclusive communication practices in their teams and at their organizations
  • engage in thoughtful listening practices to better resolves conflicts brought about by competing interests and priorities
  • develop their professional networks outside their current sector

Seminar Curriculum: Short texts may be drawn from such authors as Aristotle, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Naomi Shihab Nye

Seminar Format: This seminar will be offered virtually over Zoom. It consists of four (4) 3-hour sessions offered either consecutively in a single week or across multiple weeks.

Seminar Sessions:

Session 1: Priorities and Purpose
Session 2: Collaboration and Trust
Session 3: Communication and Accountability
Session 4: Leading Teams in a Digital Age

The fee for this Seminar offering is: $3,900

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