Seminar Offerings

The below seminars are an example of the range of topical seminars we can tailor for your organization; they are designed to address issues of leadership, values, communication, and trust. These examples are guideposts for what is possible. In all cases, we will consult with your organization to determine what content is best for you. Click Here to download a full list of our offerings.


Defining Values 

Leadership, Values, and Corporate Strategy

This seminar weaves a discussion of values-based leadership into a corporation-specific management strategy retreat designed to meet the articulated current needs of the contracting corporation. (Past clients include FedEx, Visa, et al.)

The Corporate Conscience: Ethics for Leaders

This seminar explores the links between leadership, ethics, and corporate culture. Focusing on ethical reasoning and contemporary case studies, participants consider how to build ethical corporate cultures, transform bad organizational habits into good ones, and develop the internal compass to lead ethically in an age of uncertainty.

Transformational Leadership

This seminar looks at the challenges when leaders are striving to transform the organizations of which they are a part. Topics include corporate cultural, social and human capital, and institutional integrity. Ample time is devoted to developing personal and organizational action plans.


Organizational Challenges

Creativity, Innovation, and the Demands of 21st Century Leadership

This seminar is highly-interactive exploration of the challenges to leadership in a world where creativity and innovation require keen powers of analysis and imagination as well as a strong sense of organizational purpose and personal values. Through readings, visual art, and music participants engage such questions as: What is creativity? What are the characteristics of creative and innovative organizations? What are the contours of 21st century business— particularly in its global context—that provide openings for innovation?

Leading Change

Personal and organizational management is the focus of this seminar, which draws upon a number of classic ethical texts and contemporary case studies concerning leadership, crisis management, and sustaining institutional change.

The Corporation in Crisis: Restoring Integrity, Accountability, and Public Trust

All corporations, not just those implicated in scandal, face the challenge of maintaining institutional integrity and public trust. This seminar looks at the ethical foundations of capitalism, the crisis in corporate governance, ethical management, the responsibilities of business leadership, the purpose of the corporation, and the ideal corporation.


Capitalism and Global Culture

Interpreting Global Values: Leadership and Global Values in the 21st Century

This program places the challenges of leadership in the 21st century in the context of the great conversation of human civilization. What are the values I live by? Where do they come from? How far are they consistent with those of my neighbor? Are they adequate to the local and global challenges of the 21st century? How will I navigate the tensions among these values within myself and in a global environment?

Cities, Roots, and Cross-Border Leadership

This seminar aims to help participants consider the increasingly rapid mix of populations in the global society, and its implications for them as leaders. Emigration/immigration feeds into policy debates about the changing face of the globe: we witness vast migrations of people by legal and illegal means, an ever more mobile leisure class, and most recently, increasing relocation due to climate change. Our notions of community, origins, and self merge and re-emerge under the pressure of daily survival in these circumstances.