The Fresh Perspective Series is a collection of independent works from expert authors across the ideological spectrum, each presenting new ideas for how various aspects of the social safety net could be updated to better meet the needs of our 21st century workforce. The economic landscape is changing far faster than our system of workplace protections and benefits has been able to keep pace – requiring fresh ideas to revitalize our social contract and restore the promise of work. The Future of Work Initiative is committed to the goals of promoting new and creative thinking, sparking bipartisan policy discussion, and working together to help create a healthier economic climate for all stakeholders. The ideas and proposals included are those of the authors, with editorial support from Future of Work Initiative staff.

Read more about the Fresh Perspective Series in “An Evolving Social Contract for a Changing Economy,” an introduction by Initiative Co-Chairs Bruce Reed and John Bridgeland.

The opinions expressed in this series are the authors’ own and do not reflect the views of the Aspen Institute.