Becoming a Fellow

Becoming a Fellow

The Fellowship offers high-performing health care leaders a unique experience—the ability to connect with and learn from a diverse group of peers with whom they wouldn’t ordinarily interact while refining their own values and charting a course that enables them to have an even greater impact in society. Explore candidate criteria and frequently asked questions.

Note: We hope to open nominations for our 7th class in 2024. Please fill out this form if you would like us to notify you when nominations open. We are currently looking for sponsors to support the launch of Class 7. If you are interested in supporting the Fellowship, reach out to Tanya Harris, Executive Director, Health Innovators Fellowship at

Level of Experience

We seek senior health care executives, not emerging leaders, including founders and/or executive directors, CEOs and C-suite executives, and senior leaders in government or academia who have created and/or oversee sizable, impactful programs. We define health care broadly and look for leaders from a wide range of sectors within health care.


Candidates must demonstrate that they have developed and implemented cutting-edge businesses, programs, or approaches that have improved the health and well-being of Americans. We also value candidates who have weathered professional or personal challenges including failure.


Candidates should be at an inflection point in their personal or professional lives—ready to pause, re-evaluate their values, and reflect deeply on how they can have an even greater impact addressing U.S. health care challenges.


Candidates must be at least 35 and no older than 50 by the end of the year the class launches.


Candidates must commit to full participation in all aspects of the Fellowship.

  • 100% Seminar Attendance: We expect Fellows to participate fully in all four seminars; seminar dates are non-negotiable.
  • Develop a Leadership Venture: Each Fellow must create a leadership venture that leverages their energies, skills, and resources to address a U.S. health care challenge.
  • Full Engagement: Fellows must be willing to be fully present at seminars and welcome different points of view with an open mind and heart.

Note: We seek candidates who represent the diversity of the U.S. and health care with respect to  race, ethnicity, gender/sexual orientation, disability, geography, health care sector, political beliefs, and life experiences.. 

Frequently Asked Questions