Praise from Past Participants

“There are few spaces and places today where we can have vigorous and honest debate about fundamental questions of justice, free of soundbites and acrimony. I enjoyed the Justice and Society Seminar so much because it is a refuge for thoughtful considerations of the ‘big ideas’ that shape our society and the world. I left invigorated and renewed.”

“It was a wonderfully productive week for me; I learned a great deal from our discussions, and being a student again will undoubtedly make me a better teacher.”


“It was an amazing experience, one of the intellectual and spiritual highlights of my adult life.”

“I bring broader perspectives, deeper reflections, and enhanced moral considerations to my work and life since participating in this seminar.”

“My expectations were surpassed. Exposure to this seminar and method may be a seminal experience in my career.”

“My week at the Justice and Society Seminar held in Aspen was simply beyond my expectations. I have had the privilege of attending several structured seminars and yours was far superior to all. It is redundant to mention the beauty of Aspen.”

“Many thanks for including me in the Institute’s activities. I learned more than I have in years, thought harder, and remembered the joys of searching for a more just legal system. Of course, the food, service, and atmosphere were perfect and you make it seem effortless.”

“The curriculum you have developed is superbly designed to focus on key issues inhering in the challenge of achieving true justice. The timeless readings tied beautifully into current events now unfolding on the world stage … listening to the differing perspectives each of the participants presented has already begun to broaden my own approach to addressing the challenges of my own work.”

“The seminar was one of the most intellectually stimulating experiences of my life and one that I will never forget.”