TeamWork: Leadership for Healthy States

TeamWork: Leadership for Healthy States—previously known as the Excellence in State Public Health Law Program—strengthens relationships within and across branches of government, builds understanding of population health issues, and opens channels of communication and problem-solving that can be used to address future population health challenges. Over the course of the year-long program, teams will come together to address health challenges that are priorities in their respective states. The chief objectives of TeamWork in 2015-16 are (1) creating robust relationships among health officials, their legal counsel, and policy makers within states; (2) fostering collaborations and trust across branches of state government and political parties; and (3) encouraging innovative approaches to population health policy. TeamWork will provide participants with access to best practices and technical assistance resources, consultants, and a peer network that will last beyond the 2015-16 program. TeamWork is not intended to suport the passage of any specific policy or legislation.

Evidence confirms that our greatest health challenges are complex and linked to multiple sectors in our society. Consequently, effective policy development that fosters good health and wellbeing requires all sectors to work together across traditional divides. TeamWork focuses on a flexible, collaborative approach to public policy development that systematically takes into account the health implications of policy decisions in areas not traditionally focused on health, such as education, transportation, and housing. This approach, often known as Health In All Policies, builds a team of diverse governmental partners and stakeholders to ensure that health consequences are considered when evaluating policy parameters, including design, siting, and funding. It aims to improve the accountability of policymakers for health impacts at all levels and types of policymaking, from policy development and implementation to enforcement and the evaluation of returns on investment.

Participating teams have access to:

  • An expert Advisory Committee
  • Technical assistance funds of up to $20,000
  • Three leadership retreats
  • In-state site visits and consultations

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Overview and FAQs
TeamWork 2015-16 Timeline

TeamWork: Leadership for Healthy States is made possible through a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation