The Powering Pluralism Network

The Powering Pluralism Network (Network) is an invitation-only national network of faith and civic leaders, academics, funders, and other key players who are working in any area within the broad field of religious pluralism.

The Religion & Society Program believes strongly in the power of collective impact: by working together, and learning from each other, we can solve the challenges we face more effectively than we could do so on our own. It is our vision that having a strong, diverse, and connected network of leaders will provide the foundation for a thriving religious pluralism. Network members will be able to take advantage of opportunities to build strong, meaningful relationships, learn from one another, and increase their personal leadership and organizational capacity. They stay connected through regular newsletters, peer learning sessions, networking opportunities, and professional development events.

Access Network Member Hub.

The Program is proud to share and promote the important work of our Network members below. If you would like to learn more or have an opportunity for our network members, please reach out to Abbie Haug at [email protected].

FOR MEDIA: The Powering Pluralism Network stands ready to engage in dialogue and provide a diversity of perspectives. For interviews, contact Alise Murawski at [email protected] or +1-847-528-2882