From classrooms and churches to cultural festivals and community gatherings, the Bridge looks to develop the tools and resources for successful outreach, and then work to apply them where they can make an impact. The aim of all of these tools is to enable you to build your narrative library and continue to engage and capture the various voices.


Bridgebox6_Brochure 2017BRIDGEBOX is a customized card deck of narratives pulled directly from the vast archive of voices at the Race Card Projectâ„¢. Each deck of cards contains 25 carefully selected 6-word narratives with a picture and a personal story. These personal narratives on race, identity, culture and relationships reveal snapshots of what life is like for all Americans.

BRIDGEBOX is a tool that can be easily embedded within organizations or public/private convenings to facilitate dialogue. BRIDGEBOX can help you recognize the shifting landscapes around identity and better understand various points view.

One of the key benefits of using this model is to stoke dialogue to help organizations excavate and better understand issues and perspectives that loom large, even though they are often inarticulated.

Custom Portals

Another tool we can create is a user-friendly portal that allows you to showcase the tapestry of stories and narratives. This enables your organization to capture and reflect on views and perspectives. This often works best when done after your BRIDGEBOX experience. Below, see how ProPublica, an independent, non-profit newsroom, used this to continue to raise up voices.

Pro Publica partnership