2023-2024 Local Workforce Leadership Academy Partners

Since 2014, the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program (EOP) has worked with local organizations to deliver 14 Workforce Leadership Academies in 11 cities with nearly 250 participants. Workforce Leadership Academies bring together leaders from across local workforce ecosystems into a Fellowship community to deepen networks, strengthen systems leadership skills, apply race equity and systems change frameworks to leaders’ work, and deepen understanding of effective strategies and programs. By investing in leaders’ knowledge, skills, and relationships, the Workforce Leadership Academies are well positioned to build nimble collaboration so important to the ecosystem’s success.

In 2022, EOP issued a Request for Applications seeking partners committed to advancing this work at scale. The eight partners below were selected from a competitive pool of applicants from 24 states and represent a powerful diversity of institutional types and communities across the country. These partners will launch Academies in 2023.

#Workforce Leadership Academies bring together leaders to deepen networks, strengthen leadership, advance equity, and enhance understanding of effective strategies and programs. And @AspenJobQuality announced eight new partners for 2023! Learn more.