Buffalo & Niagara Falls Workforce Leadership Academy, Class of 2023

The Buffalo & Niagara Falls Workforce Leadership Academy — launched in partnership by the New York Association for Training and Employment Professiona and the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program — brings leaders from across the Buffalo & Niagara Falls workforce ecosystem together for a year-long series of retreats, workshops, and action learning projects. The Academy provides a forum for local leaders to work collaboratively to identify local and regional systems-based challenges and create shared solutions for economic opportunity for all. Fellows work with leading practitioners throughout the country as they deepen networks; strengthen systems leadership skills; apply race, equity, and systems change frameworks to their work; and increase understanding of effective strategies and programs.

“NYATEP is honored to be entrusted with bringing this incredible opportunity to New York state, starting with Buffalo and Niagara Falls. We are excited to learn from the fellows and support their work as they rethink the regional workforce ecosystem.” — Melinda Mack, Executive Director, NYATEP

The Buffalo & Niagara Falls Workforce Leadership Academy is one of eight local academies launched in 2023. Alumni of the Academy become part of the Aspen Institute’s Economic Opportunity Fellows Network, joining Fellows from fourteen previous Academies in eleven cities in the US and Canada.