Evaluation of the Genesis Movement

Evaluating an approach to building good jobs in manufacturing

The Economic Opportunities Program’s Workforce Strategies Initiative, in collaboration with Nichola Lowe (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) and Gregory Schrock (Portland State University), is conducting a formative evaluation of a new approach to manufacturing extension services provided by the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center in the Chicago area. IMEC, an affiliate of the federally funded Manufacturing Extension Partnership, works with small- and medium-sized manufacturing firms to integrate human resource strategies with process- and product-improvement strategies. The Genesis Movement is premised on the idea that companies can offer more and better jobs when they make human capital development an integral part of their business plans. This holistic approach is expected to improve working conditions and compensation and advancement opportunities for frontline workers while also promoting business competitiveness. A report documenting findings of a three-year formative evaluation is anticipated in early 2019. Funding for this work is provided by the Chicagoland Workforce Funder Alliance.

The following video clip describes implementation of the Genesis strategy at a manufacturing company.