2018 Clean Energy Innovation Roundtable Report

August 1, 2018  • Energy and Environment Program

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The 2018 Aspen Institute Clean Energy Innovation and Decarbonization Winter Roundtable, February 25-28, 2018, in Aspen, Colorado, brought together ~35 experts from corporate, government, academia, and non-profits to talk about key issues such as reforming electricity markets, decarbonizing the transportation sector, democratizing clean energy and green heat, industrial decarbonization, and carbon removal. The roundtable was co-chaired by Roger Ballentine, President of Green Strategies, and James Connaughton, President and CEO of Nautilus Data Technologies.

This year’s focus was on clean energy innovation and deep decarbonization in a time of political and technological change. Questions were explored around topics including: The feasibility of long-term planning, deep decarbonization, regulatory models, and innovation pathways. As can be seen in this report of our 2018 Forum, we dove deep into these issues. We sought to look around the corner to identify change already baked into the system and to contemplate changes that can be made today to get to a better future.