2019 Aspen Global Leadership Network Highlights Report

June 4, 2020  • Aspen Global Leadership Network

Dear Friends,

The world has changed. The COVID-19 pandemic and resultant economic collapse have thrown into sharp relief the need for informed, values-based leadership around the world. The Fellows of the Aspen Global Leadership Network are meeting this unprecedented moment and, in so doing, also are demonstrating the power of our model.  Whether through seminar dialogues, individual reflection, or the cultivation of community, the AGLN seeks to strengthen Fellows’ resolve and prepare them to lead wisely without succumbing to the temptations of short-termism. Through your ongoing support of our work, you have planted the seeds of the response efforts of Fellows around the world.

In this report, we look back at some of the activities that primed Fellows to act. We start with insights from the first comprehensive study of our Fellowships’ impact and how the Fellows’ companies, communities, and personal growth manifest that story. We offer examples of Fellows tackling broad systems change, collaborations across Fellowships, and breakout leadership ventures. We also highlight the ways we weave global community through our seminars and the Resnick Aspen Action Forum. Finally, we show how, together with our partners, we enable Fellows to extend their influence and scale their impact.

Today, Fellows are addressing urgent needs, as they also adjust to the long-term vision of a new normal. The community Fellows create, the support they receive, and the values they hold will serve as a strong foundation for what is to come. Thanks to your support, the Aspen Global Leadership Network will continue to shape our new reality through solutions that contribute to a more free, just, and equitable world.

In Fellowship,
David Langstaff
Executive Vice President
Leadership Division
The Aspen Institute