Bits, Bytes, and Loyalty

March 4, 2024  • Aspen Digital

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It’s not enough to hire great talent. You need to convince your employees to stay, too. As of 2020, 70% of surveyed cybersecurity professionals stated they are directly affected by talent shortages. Top talent is leaving cybersecurity due to heavy workloads and burnout, making retention one of the biggest problems facing the field today.

Organizations need to tackle the root causes of burnout if they want to build and maintain a 21st century workforce. By not equitably distributing workloads among staff or accounting for the unique challenges faced by underrepresented communities, cybersecurity leaders risk losing even more of their best.

If employers want to ensure good performers remain at their current organizations, and in the field itself, they must improve employee benefits along with internal communications, workplace flexibility, and growth opportunities.

In Bits, Bytes, and Loyalty, the US Cybersecurity Group offers actionable steps for cybersecurity executives interested in building more resilient workforces. Composed of influential industry and civil society leaders at the frontline of technology and security, the US Group is uniquely positioned to offer this roadmap to their peers.