Building the Infrastructure of Tomorrow

January 25, 2022  • Aspen Digital

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We have entered a new era of infrastructure investment. With last year’s bipartisan commitment of over $1 trillion in federal funds to modernize America’s bridges, airports, internet grids, and more, the U.S. has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine and rebuild the networks that connect and sustain us. Now, as stakeholders around the country turn to the nitty gritty of allocating funds and designing plans for their communities, there are tangible actions they can take to create systems that are equitable, dynamic, and built to last.



With support from Siegel Family Endowment, Aspen Digital has developed this action guide offering concrete ideas for how to meet this window of opportunity, which builds on existing knowledge of the multidimensional nature of infrastructure.

As we step into the new year, we hope policymakers and practitioners will seize this moment to make creative, collaborative choices that meet our collective infrastructure needs for years to come. This includes shifting our mindset when it comes to what qualifies for infrastructure investment, developing new metrics for success, harnessing capital in a way that maximizes both efficacy and equity, and ensuring that communities and local stakeholders are engaged throughout the process.